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Travel FAQ

Q: What is Travel softball?

  1. A: Travel softball is intended for select girls with the ability and desire to play at a competitive level against other travel teams in the area and whose families are willing to support the additional time and costs to go with that effort.

  1. Q: What are the age brackets in Travel softball?

  1. A: 10U (10 and Under) is for girls who are 10 years old or younger on January 1st of the upcoming spring season.  12U is for girls who are 12 years old or younger on January 1st of the upcoming spring season, etc.  There are also travel teams for older age groups which vary from year to year.  Information about all age group tryouts are posted on the league’s website;  Tryouts are usually held in August to select the teams for the year.

  1. Q: How many travel teams does Mt. Laurel have?

A: The number of teams varies from year to year but in general, MLS fields (1) 10U team and (1) 12U team every year.  This year, we will try to form a 8U and 14U team and hope to have a 16U and 18U team if there is enough interest.

  1. Q: Who should consider playing travel softball?

A: Any player with the desire, dedication and willingness to work hard at improving their softball skills and competing against some of the best softball players in our area should consider trying out for a team.  Travel softball involves greater time and financial commitments than recreational softball.

  1. Q: What is the length of a typical season and what is involved?

A: The season typically begins with tryouts held in August.  Tryouts are held at this time so that should a team need an out-of-town player, they can find one before those players are committed to other teams.  When tryouts are concluded, the final roster is set.  ‘Fall Ball’ is left to the discretion of the coaching staff, parents and players based on interest and availability and is usually voluntary so as not to conflict with other fall sports.  If there is a Fall season, it closes down in November.  The girls are off until January when Winter workouts begin.  These are once per week sessions of 1-2 hours where skill development and specialized training takes place.  When the weather breaks, outdoor practices begin until the Spring game season begins in April and continues until June.  There are about 12-14 scheduled games.  Teams also play in 3-5 weekend tournaments during the Spring and Summer.  The season concludes in July after the last scheduled tournament.

  1. Q: How far do the travel teams go to play?

  1. A: Our travel teams compete in an independent softball leagues called the South Jersey Girls Softball Association (GSA).  The league attracts teams from Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties.  Marlton, Barrington, Gloucester City, Pine Hill, Washington Township, Atco and Voorhees are just some of the towns played against.  There are many good tournaments in our area, some as close as Medford, Cinnaminson, Voorhees and even Mt. Laurel.  Occasionally, teams will travel further for a tournament but usually not more than a 1-hour drive.


  1. Q: How much does it cost to play for a travel team?

  1. A: The cost will vary approximately $300-400 per player and is set by the coach of the team. This fee typically covers the cost of registration, insurance, uniform, bag, sliding shorts, winter workout facility rental, guest instructor fees and tournament fees.  In addition, each player will need to supply her own glove, spikes, bat, helmet and sliding pads.  Team sponsorships which, vary from year to year, may offset some of the costs.  Note: if a travel team is extremely successful and progresses to a regional or national tournament, it is possible that costs can be higher.  It is a team/parents decision whether to participate in such circumstances and money and time constraints will be part of the equation along with team fund raising programs to offset such costs.

  1. Q: What will my daughter get out of playing for a travel team?

  1. A: Hopefully, an excellent softball experience.  MLS takes pride in its travel program and seeks the best managers and assistant coaches available.  Experienced board members mentor the teams to make sure that each player is being developed to their full potential.  MLS has a long tradition of fielding quality teams, with many former travel players now playing in the high school and college ranks.  Many of those players have credited their experience with our travel program as helping them succeed at the next level.  We hope that every player who has gone through the travel program has significantly improved her game and has gotten more enjoyment from the sport as their skills increase.  This in turn can lead to more confidence in other areas of endeavor.

  1. Q: Will travel softball be too intense for my daughter?

  1. A: Our coaching philosophy is centered on keeping things positive although, the coaching and competition is more intense than recreational ball.  Playing time is not equal and playing positions more specialized than in recreational ball.

  1. Q: Does my daughter have to be a softball ‘superstar’ to make a travel team?

  1. A: No!  The difference between a skilled recreational league player and a travel player is minimal!  Often the coaches will see a hidden talent in a player that they can bring out.  Even if a recreational league player is not "tearing up the league" they may have an attribute such as speed, bat speed, desire, attitude, work ethic, etc. which could surface prominently in the travel setting.

There are benefits to be had by playing either recreational or travel softball and it is important to thoroughly analyze both programs to determine the one that is best suited for the player and her family.  The recreational program is best suited for the vast majority of girls due to all practices and games being on Mount Laurel fields, playing against all Mount Laurel girls who are her classmates and friends in a less time-consuming atmosphere with less pressure and at a minimal cost.  However, it is a decision each family needs to make for themselves and some will opt for the added benefits and experience that only the travel teams can offer.

If you have any questions about the travel program, please contact our Travel Coordinator John Carr @ [email protected].  They will also be glad to share references from parents whose daughters have been through the travel program.  If you have questions about the recreational program, please contact League President Richard Young @ [email protected].

We hope you find this information useful in determining the proper future softball path for your daughter, and thank you for your continued involvement with our program.

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