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Mount Laurel Girls Softball

Mount Laurel Girls Softball

Basics of Throwing

                         THROWING MECHANICS

Grip the ball by first placing the middle finger on the top of the “C” and over the seam and then place the thumb on the bottom of the ball.  (Black electrical tape represents the center of the ball).  Spread out the other fingers and grip the seam.  The pinkie is on the side of the ball.  Hold the ball at the base of the fingers and not deep in the palm of the hand.

Draw a capital letter “T” in the dirt.  Put your toes on the “T”.  (This drill will help the player turn her body so that it’s perpendicular to the target, which is the correct position when preparing to throw).

Hold the ball and glove together in front of your body, as if you just caught the ball.

(For the right-handed player):   Step toward the target by placing your right foot on the stem of the “T” at a 45° angle. Keep the glove and throwing hand together and held high.

(Reverse these steps for the left-handed player, starting with the left foot).

Next, bring your left foot forward and place it on the stem of the “T” at a 45° angle.  Your feet will be shoulder width apart.  The hands are together and held high.

Make sure that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are in line to throw to the target.

Separate your glove hand and throwing hand and point your glove hand toward the target.  At the same time, take your throwing hand down and back.  (This hand will follow a circular path). Your throwing hand thumb should pass the thigh.  

Take your ball hand up high so that your elbow is as high as your shoulder and your palm is facing back.  If you look back at the throwing hand, you will see the back of your hand first, and not the ball.  (I tell the players that this is the “crossing guard” position, as she looks like a school crossing guard with both arms extended and the palms facing out).

Bring your throwing arm forward, keeping your elbow as high as your shoulder.  Your arm looks like the letter “L”.

Continue bringing your arm forward, keeping the “L” shape.  Don’t let your elbow drop below the level of your shoulder.  Your thumb is leading the way and your wrist is cocked.

Release the ball high by snapping your wrist and pointing your fingers toward the target.  The tip of your middle finger is the last part of the hand to leave the ball.  This will put a 12 to 6 o’clock backspin on the ball.  (“Snap the ball high…”)

After releasing the ball, follow through by touching your opposite side thigh with the throwing hand.  Your back foot comes forward after you release the ball.  (“…and touch the opposite thigh”).

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