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Oct, 2017

Important Information about Township Referendum that impacts MLGS

   Please be aware that this November, on election day, Mt. Laurel Township is looking to pass a referendum to allow existing Open Space funds to be used to improve existing open space in addition to buying new open space. Currently Open Space funds can only be used to acquire new open space. If the referendum passes, this would allow the township to use Open Space funds to improve and upkeep existing open space. Passage of this referendum will NOT increase taxes to residents because the township already has the money but can not use it to improve existing public spaces. 

   With a vote of YES on this referendum in November, MLGS would benefit with improvements to Spencer Park which would include improved lighting on all fields as well as other upgrades the Board has been fighting for to improve our Softball program. In addition to helping MLGS, other athletic programs throughout Mount Laurel would benefit from this referendum as well. Please share with all eligible Mt. Laurel voters.

Information supplied by the Township:

Referendum Information:
• Tuesday Nov. 7th - there will be a public question
• Question is asking voters to allow the open space trust to be used for improvements and maintenance to open space. Currently the fund can only be used to acquire new open space.
• If the referendum passes, the funds will be used for improvements, maintenance, and purchases.

Items the fund would be used to maintain/improve, but is not limited to:
• Athletic Fields
• Athletic Complex's
• Walking/Bike Trails
• Playgrounds
• Tot Lots
• Community Gardens
• Dog Park

This referendum does NOT raise taxes. This is to use existing funds, and would not impact the ability of the Township to purchase new open space.

Please spread the word and make sure to VOTE YES on November 7 to help Mt. Laurel Township pass this referendum.